Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's with SEO-Search Engine Optimize

Today many people talk about SEO and I tried to understand what is SEO. SEO is a technique to optimize the website so that can interaction with users through search engines. By using SEO indirectly help the search engine to understand the content of the website.

I have noted several important to do the basic SEO namely :

Unique and Accurate Page Title
The main topics on the page.

Description Page
Use description meta tag for summary of page and must be related to the content.

URL Structure
Url with words that are relevant to content and easy for navigation.

Quality Content and Service
Content that is interesting and can be accessed through the service provider such as a community blog directory, social communities,blog posts and so forth.

Use of Images
When possible use images that become more interesting content and also use "alt" tag for alternative text.

For tell search engine where parts site allowed to access and guide on robot.txt file.

Promotion Site
This means that become a popular website.

The points above important factors to increase the popularity of our website. SEO apparently simple and easy to apply.

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