Friday, February 13, 2009

Detection with Image Processing

Almost everyone has a computer and may be more than one computer. Computer at this time is very powerful and can do many different jobs that are difficult to use such data to calculate the thousands even more than that with a short time of less than 1 second and can also be used for processing the image by taking the data from the image sensor. From this image sensors, digital data will be processed and then the computer will produce images in accordance with the objects in the viewfinder and also tips and tricks needed to install the program in this computers.

By using a computer that previously installed the program to perform image processing such as photoshop, matlab and other then the computer is able to create a design graphics very interesting. This image processing can also be used to detect the image with detail and see if the image is genuine or not see the difference with the original color of pixels and pixel size on each side of the picture.

To detect the authenticity of the image can use several methods, namely:

streching contrastMethod streching contrast, examination of the authenticity of the image can be made with a pixel value is greater (brighter image) or can also provide a small value on the pixels (picture to be dark). Where is the pixel value differences can be seen with the line that separates between the neighboring pixels when the pixel values do streching to the white (255). The difference in the pixel image can be caused by merging two images/photos that have a different resolution/dots per inch (dpi). Results of using the camera the object will vary with the professional results of the object using a digital camera because the camera has a resolution of 255 dpi, while digital cameras have a resolution of 72 dpi.

texture filteringMethods of texture filtering, image in the filter when the original results will be close to actual objects and vice versa if the image that you have manipulated the results object after the filter is not similar to the original.

sobel edge detectionTests using the sobel edge detection can detect whether the image is authentic or not with view with the side edge of each pixel that has a large difference in value because of differences in resolution in the image.

histogramDifferences in the value of pixels in the image can also be viewed using the histogram, where the frequency histogram image in comparison with the original frequency histogram image to be examined. There is a difference in the frequency of the second histogram comparison, indicates that the image has not reviewed the original or has changed. Changes that occur in the image can not be seen clearly by the human eye, with this change in the histogram can be discovered where was manipulated.

Many methods that you can use to do image processing in addition to this I have used over and not only to detect the authenticity of the image but also can manipulate the image to regenerate damaged.

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