Sunday, February 1, 2009

Notepad Chaos for Blogger Theme

Notepad ChaosThis template looks unique and simple and only has 2 columns. This template can be used to your blog to look more attractive with the background image that is interesting.

This template converted from wordpress theme that can also be used on blogger and many have been used by the blogger. you can also see the other as a template on AllInOne-Bangalore for compared. To get the full template form Notepad Chaos this, you can free full download here.


  1. Very nice blog. I have already add your blog at my blog roll.Keep it up

  2. I am new to this theme thing. When I download this theme, I do not get the HTML to copy into blogger. Any thoughts? Or, am I just totally out of my league here? :) Thanks!

  3. Hi,Michelle
    Blogger template using XML, You can use this template for change your default template on blogger. Unzip file download and you can found xml file after that upload to your blogger: Layout --> Edit HTML --> Choose file on your hard drive --> Upload --> finish.


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