Friday, February 20, 2009

Use Your Phone as a Spy

Phone technology at this time are very sophisticated with a variety of functions, which was created to spoil the user. This device is used to facilitate communication with friends, family and business partners. Phone-007 is a phone that is connected through the Internet to connect you with other phone users.

By using this device we can record all the conversations that the call was incoming or outgoing calls. When the conversation occurred, all the sound will be recorded without user's known by the recipient in the case and in the caller and can also record a conversation with a certain level when the phone is not used .

This phone uses the VoIP technology provide access to low cost and have many advantages in data encryption that is before the send, so that data can not be stolen by people who do not have any data of interest to the phone.

All the recorded conversation occurred on Phone-007 can be listened to again via the browser with a login on the website Phone-007 and can also see all the data such as phone usage time, duration of recording, date of use, and others.

This Phone-007 device is suitable for you who want to know all the phone conversations that occur at home, in schools, offices and others by using a recording mode. Occurred or when the recording device is used, you will be notified by message, email or other media in accordance with the settings you have done previously.

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