Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Influence of Pesticides For The Environment

Means that the results support the improvement in the areas of agriculture such as fertilizer and chemicals pesticides. The occurrence of environmental pollution caused by the use of chemicals agriculture and pesticides are chemicals used to kill pests gadfly. Has been proven that the real materials, chemical pesticides can be dangerous to animal and human life.

The benefits of using pesticides is to increase agricultural production but also cause a negative impact on the environment, especially human health. In the implementation in the field of agriculture, pesticides are not all about goals. Approximately only 20 percent of pesticides on the target, while 80 percent other fell to the ground. and pesticide residues cause contamination of land is agricultural.

Toxic materials caused by pesticides can lead to the occurrence of various diseases such as cancer, genetic mutation, a baby born with disabilities and so forth. Pesticides that cause the most damage to the environment and threaten human health is a synthetic pesticide and damage level higher than another compound, because this compound is sensitive to sunlight and is not easily unravel.

To avoid damage to the environment, we must leave pesticide use and how to choose other, more safe for our health. Using organic gardening from safer Brand's, plants or flowers in your garden will be protected from a variety of pests and your garden soil is also protected from damage caused by the pollution caused by chemicals. Not only that, your family is also protected from various diseases.

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