Thursday, March 26, 2009

Overcome The Problem of Termites

Termites are harmful if not soon be liquidated. Ant-like insects can make the home construction of wood so rotten or brittle due to be eaten by termites. Food of termites is cellulose of the material made of wood such as paper, house doors, cupboards and termites can eat the entire timber buildings that are on the house.

I have experienced the problems caused by termites, the door pillar of my home has been eaten by termites and the damage can not be avoided because termites have created all tunnels in the wood. To overcome the flying termites, we can use poison to eradicate all insects that damage wood insect building our house. Poisonous insects made of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and should use insect repellent environmentally friendly, such as the control of insects using biological methods for possible termite digestive system.

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