Friday, May 22, 2009

How do I Provide a Service to Readers Robot

Search engine optimization should continue so that we do web/blog our ranking position in accordance with the relevant content. Really need to work hard to provide the best service for our readers, the human and robot. Provide content for people of more easily than with the content for the robot (spiders, googlebot, bot etc..). Where people still have any tolerance in the case of errors in grammar in your content, and people certainly seek to understand the meaning of the content.

But with different robots that do not have the tolerance, in line with the algorithm have been made and also does not understand the content of our web. We can provide full service on our readers in this case is a robot, doing SEO with keywords that reflect the unique content of our web. We must give special attention to both our readers, the human and robot, if we want to make a success in marketing.

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