Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dollar Spread on the Road Toll

A man has spread the money in the toll road in the city of Los Angeles, California. Action that has been done the man who spread the money in the way the tool has made traffic flow to be jammed, and many people try to enter the toll road to fight to get the money that has been in the men dispose of it. Toll road patrol officer California, Sergeant Kurt Stormes said men aged 56 years has spread the money out of the car during a race at the Interstate 210 toll road, Sunday (16/8/2009) afternoon. Police have found the money around 1, 000 dollars in toll road accident location. After that action, then the perpetrator to the police office near the location of the incident. To the police officer has confessed he wanted to do suicide. He was then taken to the hospital to undergo mental health tests.

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