Friday, August 7, 2009

Google Pack Software to Improve Performance

Google Pack SoftwareWho does not use Google? I think everyone has heard of Google and find out through the product you have been used as a search engine or the other. A few years ago I knew Google when I use search engines, where Google's search engine has helped me to find the article to the needs of education when I was a student active in several ago. What have I done to be more easily using the Google search engine to find information, especially the article that has a PDF format.

Google has a lot to help advertisers reach the audience that has become their target. Google does not only display ads for Google users, but Google also has been providing application program that can be utilized for the needs of our work, school, business, and so forth. To expand business network, Google has also been doing a lot of acquisitions the company has a large potential to improve the performance of Google.

In the year 2009 I see Google has made changes to provide many new features in products that have been launched, and also create new products like Google Chrome, Google Desktop, and so forth. With honest I have said that Google has entered in My life through their products, while Google does not only provide a program that is accessed through a browser, but also will touch your life through your desktop PC.

I've been using a lot of Google products to enhance My performance. There are several Google products that I've installed on My desktop computer that I've found in Google Pack, there are also other products that you can use to improve your performance.

Google Chrome
I have been using this browser for browsing, easy and faster loading web. Chrome browser also helps us to block that has a web script that can cause damage to our computer. Google Chrome also has incognito window we can use to browse, incognito will not leave impressions on your computer so that a more secure browsing to visit the website that you have never visited. Chrome browser will crash, especially for the website display using the Shockwave Flash, I often experience this problem when open more than one web site, but it does not disrupt the activities of browsing I have to do.

Google Apps
  • Gmail : This program I have been using to send and receive e-mail to all My friends, family, parnert business and so forth.
  • Google Calender : Program applications that have been using to manage My schedule activities such as seminars, meetings and so forth.
  • Google Docs : Word processing program to create a document, presentation, spreadsheet and form. Results from the document that was created can be sent directly to someone through Gmail.
Google Desktop
The application programs shaped bar placed on the desktop PC that I have been using to show the world clock, RSS feed, calendar, monitor performance PC, and so forth.

Google Earth
Program that is very startling that brings me to interesting places that I had never visited, using Google Earth I can visit many places of the beautiful and interesting.

This program I use to have photos and video collections for personal or public. By using picasa I can quickly find the photos stored in the folder on My computer using the PC scanning provided by Picasa. Easy and quick to share our photos with friends and family using Gmail and Blog. Picasa also provides a tool to create a movie and you can upload to Youtube.

Google Photos Screensaver
Photos Screensaver is created by Google is very interactive and interesting as real with a high resolution image. Photos Screensaver program has created something different from another screensaver program and I happy to use Google Photos Screensaver.

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition
Spyware Doctor program is a product pctools which is integrated in the Google Pack, this program is working to protect our PC from spyware, adware, trojans and keyloggers. This software has been installed to protect My PC, and running along with other security programs I have installed.

Google Talk
Software applied to chat, using text and voice. Establish communication with friends and family will become easier with Google Talk.

Norton Security Scan
Security tools that we need to give the PC so that we do not experience losses due to virus, Norton Security Scan is a tool that support has been integrated with Google Pack, and we can use to protect our PC, this software is provided free of charge.

Adobe Reader
To make it easy for us to read files in PDF format, this tool provided by Google to help us to read the documents online securely. Adobe Reader you can install from Google Pack.

There are several software programs available in the Google Pack can be installed on the computer desktop such as Skype, RealPlayer and the Google Toolbar. All programs in the Google Pack is provided "Always free-no trial version or spyware" as said by Google. I enjoyed using the software provided free by Google, Google is also concerned with the security of our computer. The main reason for me to use Google products because a free, easy, fast and safe to use. To manage the software from the Google products I use Google updater that allows me to update regularly and also provided a list of software from Google that I have installed on My PC. If you also want to install software on your desktop PC, you can find in the Google Pack.

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