Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Public Places Smoking Ban in New York

Banned CigaretteSmokers will be banned from lighting a cigarette in a public place outside the room in New York. This city imposed a ban on smoking in public buildings since six years ago. New York City officials hope to extend the ban to the 1.700 parks and seven beaches in the city. Members of the New York Commission on Health, Dr. Thomas Farley, said the proposal was part of a number of proposals that aim to improve the health of the citizens of New York three years into the future. The proposal includes ways to reduce obesity and drug abuse and alcohol.

Mayor of the City of New York City Michael Bloomberg, a former smoker, facing protests from bar owners when he introduced the ban on indoor smoking in 2003. The ban was extended to reach three-fourths of the outdoor seating at restaurants and bars. Many companies then apply a full ban because smokers often argue about the small number of tables available to them. Public place smoking bans have been widely accepted and appreciated. The proof is the proportion of smokers in New York declined from 21.5 percent to 15.8 percent.

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