Sunday, October 25, 2009

Company Offers $500,000 for Ads on Twitter

One company offered $500,000 US to Twitter to put their banner ads on social networking sites in a single day. If this offer released, Twitter will be the first site with the highest advertising rates in the world. "Although the $500,000 US is seen as a large amount to invest on a banner in one day, we believe this investment will be more useful later on," said Leon Hill, Chief Executive uSocial, a company that specializes in marketing products and services through social networking sites .

Until now, Twitter has not answered, whether the ad can be posted or not. Microblogging site was indeed never any ads, though regarded as one of the options may be considered by the founders of the company when they find a sustainable business model for Microblogging business. However, co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, has said that Twitter will focus on improving the quality of products and technologies that will use. According to him, a mistake if the company's focus on earnings. He said that would be way Twitter is a charge on the other side using Twitter brand for commercial purposes.

"We will put on their costs, but they will pay if we offer them something worthy to be paid and this site works well for them," he said. This week, Twitter has signed an agreement with Microsoft and Google to integrate Twitter data will appear, either in the Google search engine as well as Bing. However, the cost to be paid Microsoft and Google over the use of these data was not announced.

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