Saturday, October 10, 2009

Many Victims of Typhoon Parma in the Philippines

Victims of Typhoon ParmaNumber of deaths due to landslides in the northern Philippines increased to 197 people. The latest figures issued by the government on Saturday 10 October 2009, relief workers continue to search for victims who are still buried, rescue teams all night trying to find bodies buried in mud. Thousands of people have been evacuated from areas affected by landslides and flooding that occurred from the storm of Parma. Landslides are a number of villages in the province of Benguet and Pangasianan buried by mud.

The aid workers worry about the number of deaths will continue to grow. Philippine government warned that the situation in areas affected by new flooding will recover in a few months. Around half a million people in the Philippines were evacuated from two hurricanes that struck in succession. Meanwhile in Manila, the government said there was no place to evacuate thousands of families who had been living on the banks of the river in the city. Philippines meteorological agency said that after days of rain storms Parma now has shifted to the South China Sea.

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