Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CEO of the Google finally opened an account at Twitter

CEO of Google-Eric SchmidtChief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google, Eric Schmidt, finally opened an account at Twitter and began to interact in these Microblogging network. Schmidt commented controversial since previously mentioned Twitter as a "mail system owned by the poor".

Schmidt tweet with the account "@ericschmidt". Accounts are activated starting December 1, 2009. Until now Schmidt has sent three tweet, one of which is connected with an opinion he wrote last week in The Wall Street Journal. His account has brought together nearly 15,656 follower within 9 days after the message appears.

Schmidt had insulted Twitter in Stanley Morgan Technology Conference in San Francisco in March last. But then he quickly turned his words were in further comment, saying, "We admire Twitter. We think Twitter has done a very good job by showing a new way to communicate thoroughly," he said.

Twitter as a potential of search engines has led to immediate speculation that Google might be interested in buying the company. Twitter that makes its users can send messages with 140 characters or less, soared in popularity since its launch in August 2006.

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