Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Nexus One Application Developers Disappointed

The application developers for Android operating system held off complaining about the release of Software Development Kits (SDK) for the latest version of Android, Android. 2.1 is used for Nexus One. This problem has also happened to release the SDK for Android 2.0 is also delayed. Yet without the SDK for Android 2.1 is used Nexus One, the developers will be difficult to ensure performance in the phone application is made.

"How one can accept that people will have a 2.1 on his hand before the developers get the SDK," wrote one developer who uses the name pcm2 in a discussion forum.  "How can I test in 2.1," wrote pcm2. Not only pcm2, Goutham Sukumar of Touchdown application developers have also been getting many e-mails from users who want to use the application in the Nexus One output.

This application allows one to access the Microsoft Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar, and other tasks of the Android phone. The developer concerned, that Google is deliberately not providing the SDK because it wants to develop their best applications.  Android operating system version 2.1 is used in new mobile Google released on 5 January. The phone is quite light with a thickness of 11.5 millimeters and weighs only 130 grams.

Phone collaboration with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is equipped with touch screen size of 3.7 inches. Additional, there are also a feature OLED display technology, a trackball as a control for the user interface, accelerometer chip and a five-megapixel camera. This phone is the result of Google's partnership with HTC to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor speed 1 Gigahertz.

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