Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thigh David Beckham Squeezed by a Woman

Shocking incident happened while AC Milan player was interviewed by reporters in front of a hotel in Milan. Le Lene host for the channel italia Uno, Elena In Cioccio, close to Beckham who was interviewed by a reporter. Elena did not come interviewed David Beckham, she approached and after David Beckham's testicles. Suddenly, with a bandaged hand yellow gloves, Elena squeezed assets of Victoria Beckham's husband. Television stations, Italy Uno has apologized to the Beckham.

Meanwhile, David Beckham's spokesman, Simon Oliveira said it was not a problem that needs to be exaggerated. "David Beckham, of course, was very surprised. But David Beckham considers it a joke that no harm," he said. However, Oliveira denied the news that journalist desperate, squeezing a vital tool David Beckham. "she just touched the thigh Beckham," he said. Elena admitted curious about David Beckham's penis size, whether the same magnitude to that seen in the underwear ads.

After the action, Elena and ran across the street, shouting "E piccolo, Beckham." It means, "Got a little Beckham." Meanwhile, the camera was focused on Beckham continues to follow the journalist. When Beckham went from the hotel, turn to the journalist who interviewed. In the past claimed Cioccio testicles squeezed out of curiosity Beckham underwear ads wearing Giorgio Armani David Beckham as a model. Direct interview and was, in Cioccio still can not forget the moment her life was her age. "Oh my God. I've touched it!"

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