Monday, February 15, 2010

Supermodel Fell on the Catwalk During the Show

Fashion show, a supermodel who waddle on the catwalk can fall, slip, or even a broken heel. Despite the embarrassment, but the model should show an attitude as if nothing ever happened. The model should be re-road with confidence, as Agyness Deyn. Despite falling twice on the catwalk during fashion show followed for Haiti, but the beautiful British model must waddle back in the arena.

Nobel Model of The Years of British version of Fashion Awards (BFA) was falling when walking in the catwalk event "Fashion For Relief Haiti", which followed the model Naomi Campbell. Event is entered in the show "Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week", in Bryant Park, the Tent. Burberry platform shoes size 7-inch was wearing a 26-year-old model was thrown off balance when pacing the catwalk. She was soon back and bent, and soon fell back, said a policeman. Finally, supermodel nicknamed Aggy took her shoes and walk barefoot for the rest of the show on the catwalk

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