Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 Steps Restore Panels Disappeared in Xubuntu

Why are the panels disappeared in Xubuntu? This happens when I update the data and after that the panels disappeared from the desktop. This problem is certainly confusing to us who are still new as a linux user.

But you need not anxious because it has a solution, do step-by-step instruction as below:

1. Alt+F2                               (run program window)
2. rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions    (delete the Xfce4  saved sessions files)

3. Click on "Run"                    (or hit the enter key)
4. xfce4-panel                         (command to start panels)

5. Click on "Run" 

I use a five (5) step instructions above to display the panels in Xubuntu desktop. If you still have problems in using the instructions above to use this

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