Thursday, May 6, 2010

1.5 Million Facebook Accounts Traded in Forum

Facebook already know the problem of theft of 1.5 million accounts that have been done by a hacker. Currently, Facebook is doing an investigation on who is a hacker Kirllos as perpetrators Facebook account theft.  Theft is a crime accounts and Facebook accounts to sell it to other parties. "All we can say is that the hackers are not allowed to retrieve data from us and sell them to other parties," said Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt.

Theft of the accounts reported by iDefense Labs owned by VeriSign, an Internet security service company. VeriSign's iDefense Labs reported facebookers data trade carried out on a social forum in Russia named In these forums, Kirllos sell some merchandise packages to see the members of social networking data through a password.

Rick Howard, director of iDefense, said that Facebook accounts are traded came mostly from Eastern Europe to the United States. According to Rick Howard, the facebookers Kirllos stealing data through the techniques of phishing or malware, hackers can freely take account facebookers personal data, such as name, address, e-mail, and phone numbers.

Facebook accounts are easy to steal and has been widely tested by professionals in the field of system security. Facebook account theft carried out when the user accesses the first time Facebook is using http, I think Facebook should consider to use https to protect users from data theft, and theft is common when a package en route to the server.

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