Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Color of the Car is Very Important for Your Safety

For those of you who want to choose a car should not only pay attention to brand or quality or price engines. We recommend that you also choose the color of a car that is vital for your safety. Believe it or not, based on data Monash University, Australia, black cars often had an accident. This was based on the data traffic accident that occurred during the last 20 years.

"47 percent of car crashes is a black vehicle," said Dr Stuart Newstead. According to Stuart black affects the ability of the driver's visibility so that more may be involved in a crash. Black color, faintly visible with the background of the road, the scenery and other traffic. The team from Monash University in Australia examined about 850 thousand accident data. They analyze information about the car, both personal and commercial purposes, such as taxis.

Researchers also consider the possibility that the accidents caused by driver negligence. You do this by comparing the black car with another color. During the day, an accident on a black car only reached 12 percent, while in the morning and night accidents is increasing. Other colors that often have an accident is gray and silver. While a rare car accident just like an orange-colored light.

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