Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone Free Application for 2010 World Cup

Euphoria of 2010 World Cup held in South Africa, a matter of time only. Millions of pairs of eyes ready to welcome football's most festive event of this. No lag for iPhone users who also use the event in 2010 world cup in South Africa. Yes, some special applications already stuffing the World Cup since the App Store some time ago. There are paid, but not the least that give it for free. Here are five free iPhone applications that are provided specifically to accompany important moments in World Cup 2010 which you can use.

World Cup Countdown 
We know you're counting the days until football action will take place. This application is a tool for counting down the joy of each day, minutes, hours and seconds until all began on June 11. This application also contains an interactive photo slideshow with a series of cool images that exist in South Africa such as video draw on rural areas and some local music and dance movement typical of Bafana Bafana.

World Cup and History Factoids
If you are a football enthusiast incomplete seemed to enjoy these applications on handheld devices, the first who wanted to know the history of the World Cup from year to year.

AP World Cup 2010
The Associated Press has been covering the game from the start and committed to providing special for the fans. After the World Cup to roll, this application will provide news up-to-the-date from more than 100 journalists in South Africa. Having a multi-language platform and users turn it into English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

ESPN FIFA World Cup 2010
Applications memberitakkan just about everything you need to prepare for the tournament. With a full schedule, you will not lose the opportunity to see favorite teams competed in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and you see a biography and statistics of every player who will compete.

World Football Live
Same as before, apalikasi It also provides the latest news on all things about World Cup 2010 South Africa who were taken from the BBC, Yahoo!, And ESPN News. Interestingly, the news is presented will be updated in real-time and you can bookmark your favorite articles or e-mail to your friends.

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