Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tablet PCs will Dominate the Market in 2013

Many observers who say that the year 2010 is the year of tablets. But according to ABI Research analysts from Jeff Orr, the tablet PCs is still much to master a large market this year. "Tablet PCs will dominate the market later in the year 2013. This is because a lot depends on the distribution of the coverage Apple is still very limited," said Jeff Orr.

"In addition, a number of competitors iPad tablet PCs released now, but a global recession, the implementation of the operating system the most suitable and appropriate challenges iPad user experience all the causes of delays, in particular tablets increase also resulted in increasing categories of MID (Mobile Internet Device)," added Jeff.

"Most of the volumes that we've projected for the MID category since 2007 is now being taken over by the other form factor devices such as media tablets, but also smartphones, which sees more and more functionality," said Jeff. However, Jeff was projected that 11 million tablets are expected to be shipped in late 2010. "Our estimates 11 million tablets of media delivery in 2010 was based both on the availability of a wider iPad," he said.

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