Friday, August 27, 2010

Carefully use the Wi-Fi in Public Places

Internet users commonly use Wi-Fi service requested in order to be more careful. According Anitivirus company Symantec warned of the risk of the virus in a public room. "Public facilities such as wifi is in fact much more vulnerable broken into by hackers, and insert a fake Antivirus, to deceive the user," explained Symantec's senior Nick Johnston.

In fact, he confessed to finding a large terminal in the airport security system in the UK who was using a fake Antivirus aka "scareware." According to him, using scareware, fake Antivirus malware will insert a task to disable or remove the Antivirus software that is legal. So they are free to install illegal software on the PC user.

"Scareware is a type of malware or hackers can force the infected computer users to use the full version of software that can eradicate the virus fictitious," he added. Software was forcibly installed by the hackers, and they can easily steal personal information like bank accounts, email accounts, social media networking, and so forth.

So be careful when you are going to use Wi-Fi in public areas, and alert to the pitfalls of cyber criminals.

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