Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video Games with Sandy Bridge Intel

Intel Corporation CEO and President Paul Otellini gives emphasis is around half the annual forum for technology developers of Intel Corporation. aul Ottelini said second-generation family of Intel Core processors under the code 'Sandy Bridge' will enable PC users to experience some of the things they could not do before unless they use a sophisticated desktop computer equipped with a discrete graphics card.

To prove this point, Paul Ottelini shows someone playing the game "Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty" which is popular with full details on a laptop that uses the second generation Intel Core processor without the discrete graphics card. Laptops with the chips' Sandy Bridge is apparently also powerful enough to simultaneously record video games in high definition.

The second generation of Intel Core family of processors will have an enhanced version of Intel's Turbo Boost technology allowing the processor core using heat tolerance of available reserves to increase their frequency in order to get the job done faster. The second generation of Intel Core family of processors will also have dedicated hardware to process the video format.

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