Friday, October 29, 2010

Complicates Evacuation Team to Victims Mentawai

Bad weather that hit the Mentawai Islands-Indonesia is very difficult for rescue teams to evacuate victims of the Tsunami. High waves that hit parts of North Pagai and South Pagai two days since this makes evacuation difficult team to bring the victims were seriously injured and light. Departure to the District Sikakap to evacuate victims from emergency hospital had to be postponed.

According to the Head of the Mentawai Islands District Social Service, Oreste Sakeru, in the Mentawai weather is still bad. High waves made the ship used to evacuate the wounded vulnerable operated. "In the hamlet Muntei Barubaru, Betumonga Village, North Pagai, for example, one unit used speedboats to take the victim who sustained serious injuries to Sikakap could not sail due to bad weather," said Oreste.

So also with the victims in the village of Sabeuguggung, officers can not go to Sikakap evacuate victims were seriously injured and slightly injured. "Muntei and rural areas Sabeuguggung that many victims were seriously injured and 62 people slightly injured 27 people," said Oreste. While in the village Sabeuguggung victims who were seriously injured 75 people. "Not to mention the South Pagai, the numbers too much, there are seven units speedboat that there are all unable to operate due to high waves," he said.

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