Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Injured Woman was Attacked by a Barracuda Fish

A barracuda fish jumps out of the water and attacked a player like women's boat in the Florida Keys, Miami, USA. Barracuda fish attack not only shocked the players kayak boat, but they were also wounded, and brought in helicopters to evacuate the players from the boat, and taken to hospital U.S. Cost Guard.

The attack was not kidding, cause sores in the lungs and ribs to be broken. The victim told the fish, barracuda fish that attacked quite large and previously seen swimming-pool in the vicinity of their kayak. Great barracuda fish that attacked 45-year-old woman was right about the chest that resulted in injury.

"The poor woman was seriously wounded in the chest, but still conscious," said a rescuer, Captain Kevin Freestone. Headquarters U.S. coast supervisor immediately sent a small boat. However, because the waters are very shallow scene of the accident, the ship was unable to reach it. Then a helicopter brought in fish and bring victims to the hospital. Barracuda fish is known to have sharp teeth and big.

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