Thursday, November 11, 2010

E-mail Invitation Nobel Prize Contain Viruses

A fake e-mail invitation to the event the Nobel Peace Price in 2010 recently circulated and carry viruses that can infect computers anyone who opened it. Originally from Oslo Freedom Forum, a group that had nothing to do with the Nobel committee events, e-mail that includes a PDF file attachment, could make the hackers take over computers 'victims'. This report Contagio Internet security blog.

"Dear Mr. / Ms in place, I attach a letter from the founder of the Freedom Forum Oslo, Thor Halvorseen, invite you to join him on 11 December for the award ceremony. Please tell me if you have any questions," so writing in an e-mail invitation. Ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010, which is dedicated to Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident activist who was imprisoned by his government, will be held in Oslo on 10 December.

"We do not know who launched a cyber attack, or who they target," said computer security group F-Secure on their website. According to online newspaper Aftenposten, meanwhile Geir Lundestad, president of Nobel Institute, was the target of cyber attacks through an e-mail. E-mail is reported to have a link that asks Lundestad to type his name and password, but Lundestad suspicious and warned the internet on Norwegian data security agency.

"There is someone who tries to infect the Nobel Institute," said Christophe Birkeland, head of the Norwegian Computer Emergency Response Team. "There are many indications that the same people behind this attack," he added. Nobel Peace Prize website also become targets of cyber attacks two weeks ago, with the address of the originating IP address from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

However, it is not possible cyber attacks also came from there, because a hacker usually use multiple computers to hide their tracks.

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