Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hackers Modify Microsoft Kinect

Kinect, enhancements for the Xbox 360 gaming console, not only to attract consumers' attention. Hackers around the world were interested in tweaking a new toy made by Microsoft's. Technology carried Kinect indeed recognized its superiority. How could I not, with this device people can play games without a joystick and stay moving his limbs like in the movie Minority Report. Unfortunately, Kinect only designed to work on the XBox 360. This is what makes the hackers are interested in reverse for Kinect can be used in other devices without being limited platform.

Even a company in New York, Adafruit Industries offered a reward of 3,000 dollars for the first time anyone could make open source drivers for Kinect for free use for anything. Hector Martin of Spain successfully meet these challenges, the six days since launched 4 November 2010 Kinect ago. Martin successfully demonstrated the use of Kinect on his laptop. He is recording a video when Kinect used to record VGA quality bideo and moved closer to the camera as his hand formed a line with color changes from green to red. Uniquely, Martin did not have XBox 360. Adafruit have confirmed the code that made Martin.

AlexP of CodeLab and NUI Group was first demonstrated Kinect driver for use on Windows 7. However, hackers are hoping more by going to donate up to $10,000. dollars so do not get the prize Adafruit. In fact, he can only $457, dollars which is then donated to Martin to continue the full open source project Kinect. The presence of drivers for Kinect which is open source allowing developers and konusmen to utilize these devices more choice. Oliver Kreylos from the University of California, Davis, the U.S. already use it to record video in the format of three-dimensional (3D) with Kinect from his laptop. Kinect even reportedly been able to work on Mac OSX notebook premises.

Responding to the action of these hackers, a spokesman for Microsoft said that any modification to the homemade device is not recommended because the use of hardware and software components have been designed for these devices to work stable. Microsoft will attempt to continue to improve the stability function and prevent misuse by parties other homemade devices. Although resistance emerged from Microsoft, in fact the device sells. In 10 days, has sold one million units and is predicted to sell up to 5 million units by the end of the year.

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