Friday, November 26, 2010

Mobile Applications for Skin Cancer

Australia has the highest ranked skin cancer in the world, more than 1,850 people who died of it, more than the number of people killed in an accident on the street. Two out of three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 70 years. "We found that many people are using the temperature and weather to predict when they need sun protection, but actually the problem exactly is ultraviolet (UV) itself," said Sue Heward manager at the Cancer Council's SunSmart Manager.

To counter this, the Cancer Council's developed a free application that provides daily weather forecasts, including predictions maximum level of UV light. The application has a warning function and using the global positioning systems (GPS) to automatically adjust the location of the user, it can indicate the time when sun protection is required as automatic warning UV and other features. SunSmart application is now available to be downloaded before gratis.Cancer Council has also given widget UV Alert to organizations such as sports clubs.

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