Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize Award Winner is Not Known in His Country

Liu Xiaobo may be very well known in international circles for its efforts know no weariness campaigned for human rights and democracy in China. But ironically, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is actually not very well known in his own country. If we asked someone crossing the street in China and asked about Liu, the first reaction that most often arises is: "Who?"

Such a response indicates the Chinese government attempts to erase memories of its people will bloody incident in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 has been running quite effectively. "I think ever heard about Liu on television, but I'm not sure," said Ma Junpeng a career woman. Ma Junpeng just shrugged his shoulders when she told Liu was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The award was obtained thanks to his efforts to encourage greater political freedoms in China since 1989.

"It makes no sense to give awards to people like that, everything is different now from what happened in 1989. The idea of people a lot has changed. China has changed. People like Liu are irrelevant with the conditions of China today", she said. China set 11 years imprisonment for Liu at Christmas last year on charges of committing criminal subversion. Liu deemed guilty of writing 'Charter 08', a petition to support political reform in China.

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