Saturday, April 30, 2011

ICANN Hired Ex-Hacker

ICANN appointed former hacker Jeff Moss to address cyber security issues. Moss Jeff has been known as Dark Tangent, the founder of the Black Hat computer security conference and the event popular hacker gathering, DefCon, which is held annually in Las Vegas. But starting today, Moss will start his new job as Vice President and Chief Security Officer for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

"I can not think of candidates who have a better understanding of security threats that haunt the Internet users as well as knowing how to best protect themselves in cyberspace besides Jeff Moss," says ICANN chief executive Rod Beckstrom.
Being a 'hacker' for over 20 years, Moss hopes to utilize their knowledge for the benefit of ICANN.

"I can not wait to give my expertise to ICANN. My role to coordinate the delivery system to the global Internet address means I have a position of leadership in identifying and dealing with online threats against the Domain Name System is at risk around 2 billion Internet users worldwide. Jeff Moss has a thorough knowledge of hackers to fight the battle against cyber threats, "said Rod Beckstrom.

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