Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latest Console Xbox 360

Successor to the Xbox 360 console was allegedly being developed by Microsoft. In fact, prototypes of the console reportedly already reached the party game developer, Electronic Arts, which had the honor to test the console. Newer hardware that reportedly has been sent to EA, last April. Given its design is still raw, the console casing so that it does not have to be in a PC.

"We quite often receive a new console that is stored in the PC package. When we look at it, we just know it is a new console,"said one senior employee of EA. Last March, sticking speculation that Microsoft is in the early stages of developing a successor to the Xbox 360 a phenomenal success. Because the Xbox Concole Architecture Group had put job advertisements such as Graphics Hardware and Performance Engineer. New employee is believed to be responsible to "make the concept and create the next generation consoles" as stated in the ad.

No information could be obtained related to these brand-new console specifications. However, Develop indicated when this brand-new Xbox will feature support for the motion sensor Kinect, with some changes. Since launched in May 2005, there were 52 million units of Xbox consoles have been sold. The addition of an innovative motion sensor Kinect, last November, successfully increasing attractiveness Xbox.

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