Friday, May 27, 2011

White iPhone 4 sued Apple

Apple sent a lawsuit against a teenager who is known to sell equipment to change the iPhone 4 black to white color version. Fei Lik 'Phillip' Lam is running an online business that allows someone to change their iPhone 4 black and white into color. Lam started this business when knowing Apple plans to delay the release of the iPhone 4 white.

Responding to reports about the business, Apple's sue Lam sites, 'and he immediately closed the site online. Not only that, from Cupertino tech giant also lifted its lawsuit against his parents because Lam has been using Apple's trademark without permission.  "The suspect was very aware that Apple never gave permission for the sale of white panels iPhone mobile device 4. Additionally, Fei gets and sell these panels from sources that do not get approval from Apple or its official supplier,"according to Apple's claims in the complaint.

Nevertheless, based on the latest news from Mac Rumors, Apple withdraw that demand. Mac Rumors indicate both parties choose to solve the problems between ourselves.

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