Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fastest Computer from Japan

A Japanese super computer has won the world's fastest machines. K super computer, which made the company Fujitsu, connect one million desktop computers simultaneously. This works well as shift the Tianhe-1A from China who was perched in the last six months. K super computer with a force three times better than before and the super computer capable of performing eight quadrilliun calculations every second. Quadrilliun is a number followed by 15 zeros and the speed is known as 8.2 petaflops.

Previous fastest machine is a Chinese computer that is named Tianhe-1A, with 2.507 petaflops and highlights the power of China in technology and economics. Tianhe-1A engines also deliver for the first time that China topped the list of computer speed and fight for the title in the United States, which has four of the ten world-renowned super computers. Experts say, the development of K machine, which is faster than the five nearest rival, marking a huge leap in Japan's progress in the technology world. "This machine is very impressive and far more powerful than other computers," said Professor Jack Dongarra, who announced a six-monthly list of the world's top super computers.

The rating is based speed by running a standard mathematical equations. This demonstrated the superiority of the Japanese to make computers K. With the cost of USD1, 2 billion as evidence of the return of Japan's top computer technology for the first time in seven years. Developed at the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute of Computing, Kobe, Japan, the giant computer was placed in a climate-controlled structure, in a room like a warehouse. Consists of 672 cabinets full of circuit board that contains nearly 70,000 processor. K super computer uses enough energy to power 10,000 homes. Its creators claim the machine is still energy efficient.

"The use of computers K is expected to have an innovative impact in various fields, ranging from global climate research, meteorology, disaster prevention, and medicine. So that contribute to the creation of a prosperous and safe communities," said a spokesman for the RIKEN institute. There are five US-made super computer which was ranked the top 10, including Jaguar system ranked third in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Of the 10 major rankings are in between two machines from China, two from Japan and one from France.

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