Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lion So Aggressive After the Full Moon

A study reveals that humans have a greater risk eaten by lions after the full moon occurs. This discovery comes from studies in Africa on 500 attacks by lions on humans. A fairy story explains that the moon is a sign of crime or disaster. It is associated with werewolves and vampires.

Scientists have studied the records of the 500 attacks in the village singan Tanzania since 1988 to 2009. More than two-thirds, the victim was killed and turned into dinner the king of the jungle at night. Usually this occurs at 22:00 and during the full moon began to fade with a darker light. The lion is a very good hunter animal in a dark place and allow them to surprise their prey. When the full moon and they were all hungry after the full moon immediately ended their search for prey, in which man is one of their targets. This is a peak that is harmful to humans, especially the day after the full moon.

This pattern appears clearly when the researchers compared levels of attack to the moon phases. The attack was one-third more often during the second half of the cycle, when there is little or no moonlight at all. "People are beginning to be in danger during the 0-4 days of activity of the full moon, when the moon is close and the full moon occurs shortly after sunset," said Dr. Craig Packer, a lion from the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences in the United States.

Packer also explained that the danger was eventually declined as the normal and the nights when the moon looks bright. Lion attacks also increased during the rainy season. At that time, the moon is more likely obscured by clouds. "These findings provide new insight into human attitudes toward the moon. So we are always exposed to the risk of predators during the waning moon," the researchers said.

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