Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mobile Chipsets are Shipping Worldwide

Jon Peedie Research (JPR), predicts that there will be two billion mobile chipsets are shipping worldwide by the year 2016. From 2 billion chipset, 750 million were earmarked for smart phones, while 869 million will be earmarked for other pieces of feature-phone.

While the rest of the other chipsets intended for tablets 300 million pieces, e-book reading device 100 million units and 91 million pieces of gaming consoles. For this type of chipset it, JPR says that nearly all chipsets will be able to display 3D graphics and supports high-level camera.

JPR also predict chipset supplier companies will continue to increase until the year 2016. "Currently there are only four to five companies, for the year 2016, may be increased up to 16 pieces," said JPR. "All the chipset will share the same functionality and capabilities. No one will attack each other, at least in the near future," said the JPR.

Although two billion chipsets looks quite a lot, JPR said that 1.5 billion chipsets will ship in late 2011, so it is not a drastic jump. Also uncertain whether the feature-phone still will dominate the world market in 2016, considering the magnitude of the supply of chipsets for these devices.

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