Saturday, January 7, 2012

Asteroids that Will be a Moon

Along with small asteroids trapped by gravity, and spend more time to circle the Earth, one might say that the asteroid into hundreds of small moon orbiting around Earth. Researchers have long suspected asteroids that pass, sometimes approaching the Earth at a distance close enough to be trapped by gravity. Asteroids is exactly what will be a moon while.

Mikael Granvik from the University of Helsinki in Finland, along with his colleagues run a computer simulation, to find the frequency of various near-Earth asteroids, and their likelihood of being caught gravity when approached. To be caught, an object must start out of the orbit is quite identical with the Earth. Team estimates that, on average, an asteroid with a size of 1 yard or 1,000 space rock measuring approximately 4 inches, may be orbiting the Earth.

 "There's a lot more than people might think," said Mikael Granvik. These asteroids, generally stay in orbit around the Earth for less than one year. Although the simulations were done by researchers, also expressed some asteroids may have stayed longer.

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