Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Microsoft's Xbox Studios in Los Angeles

Xbox Microsoft
Microsoft is preparing to make a new Xbox game studios in Los Angeles. In this case, Microsoft will use the studio to create interactive content, as a form of investment in the latest generation of gaming and entertainment to keep the power of the Xbox.

Making a studio in Los Angeles, showing the concept of integration between games and Hollywood as an interactive entertainment in the digital age. Xbox is a new studio in the news will be led by Nancy Tellem, who previously served as president of the Entertainment and Digital Media. Studio, named Xbox Entertainment Studios is claimed will create original interactive content with a vision.

This step up consistently, and with great confidence, content to Xbox offer will become more widespread. Microsoft Studio in Soho has been experimenting with interactive content such as projects Kinect Sesame Street TV, and this shows that Microsoft is investing more in its content in this area.

Microsoft has sold 76 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide to date. Kinect motion sensor also has sold around 24 million since 2010, and the Xbox Live community has grown to 46 million subscribers, up 15 percent from year to year.

According to data from Experian Simmons third party Media Survey, approximately 38 percent of Xbox Live users in the U.S. 54 percent are women. Since July, Microsoft claims Xbox Live can burn calories 200 million users using Xbox and Kinect for exercise and activities such as Nike Kinect Fitness, as well as training programs or other games.

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