Friday, March 22, 2013

Could it be that the Asteroid will Hit the Earth

Head of the U.S. space agency NASA, Charles Bolden revealed how it can handle a large asteroid that reportedly will approach Earth. This space rock is heading right now predictable over the skies of New York City.

In such a case, Charles reveals that all parties should pray. In addition, it hopes to be able to avoid things that are undesirable due to the possibility of the asteroid threat.

Charles said, this is about all of the United States or anyone else for that matter, who could do something about the asteroid which is now rumored to be on track with the Earth. Bolden brought this to MPs in the House of Representatives Science Committee of the United States.

Landing event space objects or meteor had happened some time ago in Russia. Meteor is estimated to have a diameter of 55 feet (17 meters) causing injuries to 1,500 people due to the shock wave broke the glass and damage to buildings.

This event, he said, are proof that humans live in an active solar system with objects potentially dangerous. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas Democrat said, these asteroids have approached the Earth with surprising frequency.

"We are very fortunate that the incident last month was just a simple coincidence rather than a disaster," said Committee Chairman Lamar Smith. NASA discover and browse approximately 95 percent of the space object approaching Earth.

Of the asteroid is detected, the largest asteroid has a diameter of 1 kilometer wide. "An asteroid that size, one kilometer or larger, it makes sense to be able to put an end to civilization," said John Holdren, the White House Science Advisor.

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