Monday, September 15, 2008

GeoSyncronous orbit (GSO)

GeoSyncronous orbit is an orbit objects (usually artificial satellite) with the earth as the center, which has the same Period with the rotation of the earth that day or hour 23.9344. The orbital geometry has half the main axis (semi-major axis) length of 42164.17 km. GeoSyncronous with the orbital satellite will be located above a point on the earth at certain hours. Apart from the time the satellite will appear to shift relative to that point. If the satellite GeoSyncronous have the perfect circle of orbit and orbital equator line with the views of the earth, the satellite will appear to be silent, so-called the orbital Geostationer.

GSOIn 1974 satellite weather SMS 1 (Synchronous Meteorological Satellite) satellite was launched as a functioning GeoSyncronous send some pictures to a television station. After several experimental satellite in 1975, it changed into geostasioner orbit.

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