Friday, September 12, 2008

Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)

Telecommunication services and the demands of the mobile cellular systems and wireless. From here appear discourse satellite Medium Earth orbit (MEO) and LEO [Low Earth Orbit]. Unlike satellite Geo, which sit on the distance of 22,300 miles above the Earth, LEO satellites gather in the distance about 400 miles only, and the MEO orbit 10,000 km distance between the 36.000 Km. Distance lower, need more advanced technology, allows people to communicate across the world with a mobile phone pocket size. Because of LEO and MEO satellites close together, a network coverage is needed to create the equivalent satellite Geo.

MEOThrough the network of satellites that orbit the track orbital, this system is possible to deliver sound quality with a better effect without resonance. but also how, satellite Geo is still better and more suitable for transmission that has a wide spectrum such as television.

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