Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Low Earth orbit-LEO

Low orbit is an orbit around the Earth between the atmosphere and the Van Allen radiation belt, with a low inclination angle. These limits are not defined exactly, but usually under 1,500 km above the surface of Earth. This orbit is usually located under the intermediate circular orbit (ICO) and far below the geostationary orbit. Orbital lower from here is not stable and will fall quickly because of the atmosphere of friction. A higher orbit from the orbital This is the subject of electronic failure early because of strong radiation and collecting cargo. Orbital inclination angle with a higher usually called a polar orbit. Objects in low Earth orbit to meet

Low Earth orbit-LEOthe gas atmosphere in the thermosphere (about 80-500 km above) or exosphere (approximately 500 km above), depending on the altitude orbit. Most of the flight space probe has been in LEO, including all the various space shuttle and space station mission; one exception is the suborbital test flights as early Mercury Project and the SpaceShipOne flight (which did not achieve the intended LEO), and Project Apollo missions to the Moon (which passes LEO ).

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