Saturday, November 22, 2008

PLC Functions

A. In general
PLC function and usefulness in practice PLC can be divided in general and specifically. PLC functions are as follows:

Control sequence
PLC to process the input signal into a binary output that is used for the purpose of processing techniques sequentially, in order to maintain the PLC step in the right sequence of the process.

Monitoring Plant
PLC continually monitors the status of a system (such as temperature, pressure, high altitude) and take the necessary action in connection with a controlled process (for example, the value has exceeded the limit) or display a message on the service.

B. Special functions
PLC to provide input to the CNC (Computerized Numerical Control). Some PLC can provide input to the CNC to the interests of further processing. CNC when compared with the PLC has a higher accuracy and more expensive. CNC is usually used for the finishing process, establish working object, technology molding and so forth.

CNCThe working principles of a PLC is to receive input signals a process manageable, then do a series of instructions to the logic input signals in accordance with a program stored in memory and generate output signals to control the Actuator or other equipment.

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