Saturday, November 22, 2008

How To Access The VoIP

VoIP adapterTo access the necessary VoIP Terminal Adapter or SoftPhone. SoftPhone is a software-based VoIP terminals such as Netmeeting. For it is necessary Soundcard computer equipped with a headphone and microphone following. Connection to The Internet can use a dial-up modem or xDSL. theoretically modem 14.4 kbps is sufficient for the learner-VoIP.

However, DSL Flatrate better for VoIP. Neither because the higher the speed, but the connections of 24 hours. So that VoIP normal telephone functions such as: contact and can be contacted at any time. To This actually needs more appropriate when used TA (Terminal Adapter).

TA is a from of the small aircraft that can be connected to a VoIP network without using the computer. So the computer does not have to light only for 24 hours standby waiting for incoming phone calls. In addition to electricity also noisy. You can connecting ordinary telephones (including wireless telephones) to the TA, so that you there is no need to use headphones or a microphone. With VoIP TA really feels like a normal telephone.

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