Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Compare My Credit Cards

To increase site traffic can be done in many ways. Among them through ad campaigns using the media. Today, I try to promote one of my website with the tide in the ad network in the My Facebook community. In pairs of this ad, I will be required to complete form requirements that have been provided.

Terms of the last is to provide the requested data credit card information such as name card holders, Credit Card Number, Credit Card Type, CSC Code and billing address. The process of advertising this fail, where I can not give a credit card payment using a credit cards because I have already expired.

Terms of the last is to provide the requested information data card payment using a credit card is the absolute requirement when the tide in the ad Facebook and no other means of payment. To overcome this problem, I will take the credit card that has been expire and switch to the credit card interest rate is better. Today I found a credit cards the better the interest rate compared with that my credit card previous.

Before the switch and make a credit cards we need to compare the first to know the low interest rate and with the credit card we can do something more without being restricted like for shopping and so forth. It is important to do compare credit cards in order to get a chance to many of the other credit card.

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  1. This is a really nice site. I like that you can put all the cards you are considering into a bucket (kind of like a shopping cart) and then compare them side by side.


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