Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Safe Browsing

This is very important for known so not to attack and our computer not infection by virus or others attack. There are several ways for safely browsing namely using Google Safe Browsing with integration to Firefox or to Internet Explorer. This integration will be aim alert when your computer attack by phishing or spoofing.

Google Search Engine With AVGUsing AVG antivirus for avoid attack, this AVG will be automatically search scan and show star icon with check result scan in the browser on each first line title. I'm used AVG antivirus to avoid attack and this software integrated with google search engine. Before using safe browsing this, you must installed AVG antivirus.

Yahoo Search Engine With McAffeeYou can also use Yahoo search engine, this search engine integrated with McAffee antivirus. This search scan result on the right corner in browser and for use this safe browsing not necessary installed McAffee antivirus.

So you can choose which you enjoy for browsing.

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