Friday, April 3, 2009

Classic Menu for Microsoft Word 2007

Classic Menu for Microsoft Word 2007Microsoft Word 2007 program is popular in the word processing. Almost all people have been using products from Microsoft, including I've been using Microsoft Word 2007 to complete the task of schools and offices. Microsoft Word 2007 interface, which has called the Ribbon that function to provide quick access. To use the quick access this you will be must remember the shortcut keys, and to enable quick access you need to remember more than two characters or the button to a function such as Ctrl + Alt + S.

Shortcut keys can help you to shorten the time, such as the copy, open a document file, set the type of letter, and others. Too many shortcut keys that will be remembered will slow your work. But now you can use the classic menu for Microsoft Office 2007, where the classic menu that will help you to ease in using the shortcut key.

By using the classic menu, you will not need to remember the shortcut key, and your tasks can be completed quickly. With the ease provided by the classic menu, then our productivity will increase. Bring Classic Style Menus and Toolbars back to Microsoft Word 2007, to ease you in using the functions and commands of the features that have been provided.

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