Saturday, April 18, 2009

PayPerPost v4.0 Alpha Has Been Launched

PayPerPost v4.0 AlphaEvolution of PayPerPost that launched version 4.0 with the new system more flexible for the blogger to make money. You can register your blog on PayPerPost v4.0 alpha and no special requirements, such as PR, traffic, link popularity, and others. I think this is the best system of izea company, which provides an opportunity for all bloggers from around the world to participate in their marketplace.

The blog does not have a PR with low traffic can also join the PayPerPost v4.0 alpha. Blog you will be approved automatically by the system and does not need approval from the admin. Blog that has been submitted will receive opportunities from advertisers and will be paid in accordance with that you have set. Two pricing options that can be offered directly to the advertiser, using the per word or per link.

Word --> Minimal amount of payment you will receive from each post will be calculated per word. Example: $ 0.3 per word, then you will be paid $ 0.3 x 200 words = $ 60 for your post.

Link --> Payment per link can be determined in accordance with your wishes. Example: $0.5, $ 1, $ 2, $ 10, $ 20 etc.

To create a blogger account in the PayPerPost v4.0 alpha, you can use email address & password from the accounts SocialSpark or Cloudshout. Before you sign up get the first alpha codes with drop comment in here, PayPerpost v4,0 alpha is now open for public and does not require alpha codes .

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