Saturday, April 18, 2009

Strategy Change Jobs More Quickly

Our economy can be changed to better when we get a good job with the strategic position. Changing jobs is not easy and required a strategy to get the appropriate target we desire. LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH will provide assistance to you to change jobs more quickly with a good position. Description below is from someone who has been successful because it is assisted by the Lightship Research.

" I quit using recruiters since I ran into Lightship Research the “reverse headhunters”, now I found a way to control my own destiny instead of chasing black holes. I must say in these days, its seldom I find any business or service doing anything right. These guys are an anomaly. When I first hired them, my computer got stolen at a Starbucks, they gave me good advice on how to get reimbursed by my insurance company. My Team Leader drove 35 miles on a Sunday to get a copy of my resume emailed to Kinkos, so I could get it printed for a Monday interview that they had helped me get. This is the best investment I have ever made. They showed my how to get a job and helped me with every detail along the way. I am now a Vice President of Business Development for a fast growing banking software services firm.

T. Ogden, LA "

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