Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strengthen the Community with Google Friend Connect

Members Google Friend ConnectEstablish links with the many friends of fun, today I have been using the facilities provided by Google known as Google Friend connect. Google Friend connect I've installed this on my blog, where the widgets from Google will help me to connect with my friends around the world who have been using Google products such as gmail, Adsense, iGoogle, Reader, Analytics, Blogger, and others.

Comments Google Friend ConnectIn this blog I have installed social gadgets for the member and comments, which will help the visitors to join in the community Adrian's Blog. Google friend connect supports 43 languages and visitors to the website you can read comments in accordance with the features of translation in their preferred language.

Social gadgets from Google is very flexible for use with support for different languages around the world. Facilities friend connect Google's aim to build a stronger community for Google users around the world. To install Google friend connect is easy to do and can be found in the Gmail settings Gmail Settings --> Accounts --> Google account settings --> My Products --> Google Friend Connect. So now you can build your community website through Google friend connect.

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