Friday, May 29, 2009

New Technology from Google Custom Search

ADRIAN'S BLOG:Custom Search EngineSearch for content in a website that complies with our needs is not easy to do when not provided a search box. Search box that is installed on our website will help visitors to quickly find what they need. At this time we can use the search box provided by Google using the new technology which provides a selection of more relevant search results in our website.

Google gives us the opportunity to use the search box with custom that powerful to help the visitors to explore our website in accordance with the keywords they type in the search box. I have installed the Custom Search Engine (CSE) used to search for content in ADRIAN'S BLOG and also some links that are on the top blog or linkbar.

Custom Search Engine (CSE) is easy to implement on the website with the copy and paste the code in our blog section. Custom from the google search engine uses new technology that provides many options in accordance with the settings we need, such as labels, Site Exclusion, Collaboration. With custom this search engine, we can invite people to contribute to the search engine that we install on our website. To make the settings of the search engines can we do through the control panel that will make it easier for us to use all the features available.

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